Boner Group

Zhejiang Boner Medical Investment Management Co., Ltd. is a well-known professional hospital investment operator in the Yangtze River Delta, featuring major orthopaedics and rehabilitation. By the end of 2018, the total number of beds had exceeded 4000 an


Its hospitals are specialized hospitals and small general hospitals featuring trauma orthopaedics, hand-foot surgery, spine surgery, joint surgery, orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Department of traditional Chinese medicine. They all have advanced 100-level laminar flow purification operating rooms equipped with 1.5T nuclear magnetic resonance, 16-slice spiral CT, 500MA programmed X-ray machine, mobile C-arm surgery X-ray machine, imported color B-ultrasound, Xerox-ray set in the United States. A large number of advanced medical equipment, such as arthroscope, Jesse radiofrequency instrument and intervertebral disc mirror, etc. Hospitals are also designated medical institutions for medical insurance, agricultural insurance, industrial injury insurance, some commercial insurance and 120 first aid.